Snow White with the Red Hair is a role model for all romances

I-I-I don’t know where to start with this one. Shirayuki is just a really solid, well-done romance. I’m actually having a really hard time writing about this show despite the notes I wrote on it sitting right in front of me.

Okay okay

Snow White With the Red Hair is like the perfect fairy tale:

  • You have a royal prince who falls in love with a commoner
  • You have a dreamy, medieval setting to set the atmosphere
  • There’s a ton of aweeeeeee moments
  • Shirayuki’s outfits are always precious

But at the same time, it’s so much more than just any ole sweet, lovey-dovey fantasy romance. The relationship between Zen and Shirayuki is so well written, way better written than it had to be for its demographic. They don’t instantly fall head-over-heels for each other right when they meet like in a usual fantasy esc romance. Sure, there’s an immediate fondness that they have for each other, but it wasn’t love. It starts with admiration and a bit of fondness, then to a strong friendship, then to them acknowledging the presence of romantic feelings, then to them taking action on those romantic feelings. You visibly see their relationship grow and intensify. I mean, you can really see the progression of their relationship. I don’t normally see relationships grow so gradually in shows. It feels so natural and realistic. It’s really quite admirable.

Another merit of the show would be how it manages to be so adorable and also handle romance so maturely. Zen and Shirayuki are mature people (other than how easily flustered they get but I’m blaming that on cultural differences). When Zen first kissed Shirayuki, she got really embarrassed and avoided him the next day. However Zen eventually got ahold of her and they talked about their relationship and where their feelings for the other person lied. For the most part, they know what they want. They know where they want their relationship to be in the future. There was even the classic “I think you bring out the best in me” line. They’re both independent and have their own set of ambitions, however, they help each other to persevere and improve more than they could on their own. Zen and Shirayuki are a good role model for a healthy relationship.

And really, along with all of what I just said, it’s soooooooooo sweet. A lot of it probably has to do with the execution but the number of times I was widely grimacing (because I grimace when I see cute things) or thinking aweeeeee was  a  l o t.


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