Poppin Bottles, Pushing Daisies

What I really liked about Pushing Daisies is that Chuck and Ned had very real relationship problems. It’s not like “oh their love is so strong and they have to conquer the outside forces to be together!” Which easily could’ve been how their relationship was written considering their circumstance. Their relationship is not perfect and not just because they can’t touch but because of the internal problems that it causes. They don’t conquer the number one problem (them not being able to touch)in their relationship, they simply find ways to make it work along with that problem. Ned and Chuck argue often, but without getting frustrating for the viewer. I think this is because the arguments usually don’t make one or the other come off as an asshole. Their arguments are always from a place of love. All of their fights have some relation to Ned’s power in one way or another. So while they might resolve the argument at hand, they never and will never be able to fix the big problem- they can’t touch. It’s like real relationships- sometimes there are problems you can’t fix so you either decide to give up or move along carrying the problem with you and finding ways to make the problem more bearable to live with. Also, Ted and Chuck both, learn things together and individually. They work through their problems, sometimes together and other times on their own

Pushing Daisies also handles dark topics like the effects of childhood abandonment and being shut out from the world. Ned and Chuck carry a lot of baggage from their childhoods, which I think probably has to do with why they connect so well as adults; they’re both some of the only good memories they have of it. Emerson relives the mourning of his daughter being taken away from him and Vivian lives with the shame of having an affair with her sister’s fiance. And yet the show still has an overall positive and light-hearted atmosphere.

This show is honestly just such a great watch.


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