Doki Doki is Not Oki Doki

I’ve been pretty open about my problem with obsessing over video games here on this blog (I originally posted this on my Tumblr). I’ve talked about Yandere Simulator, The Sims series, and many dating sim games and recently I’ve been posting quite a bit about Doki Doki Literature Club and you see, I’m having the same problem I had with the other games all over again.

The difference, however, is that Doki Doki is a popular story game- meaning there can be theories made on it. I’ve been watching so many theories on the game and and and….gosh the game has so many layers to it. One of my favorite theories was that the piano represented Monika’s presence. I’d really recommend watching it. The Game Theorists channel also made some good videos about the game as well

Something I picked up on that I haven’t seen a lot of people talk about was the ongoing contrast between Natsuki and Yuri. Besides the obvious being that Yuri likes complex and morbid language while Natsuki likes simple and cute language and that Natsuki is petite while Yuri is tall and curvy, there’s more to their contrast. On the surface, another contrast you could see is that while Yuri is careful with her words, Natsuki blurts out everything on her mind. If you spend more time with Natsuki more and more hinted at that she’s abused by her dad. It’s hinted at in the poems or when she says her dad would kill her if he knew she read manga. However, it’s not really obvious until Monika starts tampering with her dialogue so that Natsuki says my dad would beat the shit out of me he found out about this. It’s probably not something Natsuki would come forward and tell the main character himself. Yuri, on the other hand, you learn is progressively working on speaking her mind more freely. You learn she’s actually a pretty blunt person. So the better you get to know Natsuki, you realize there’s something she’s trying to hide while the better you get to know Yuri, there more you realize she has a lot she wants to say.


The video I linked in this mentions this, but something noticeable is the amount Monika tampers with the characters based on how threatened she felt by them. Something I noticed very quickly into the game was that there was a bias towards Sayori. The MC character always talked fondly of her and the dialogue between him and Sayori always felt full of heart and carried more weight than the scenes with Natsuki or Yuri. So naturally, she was the first character Monika messed with and ultimately killed. Yuri was by tampered with far more than the other two. Yuri was also the character both, Natsuki and Sayori would bring (if you were doing the poems in their favor) up out of jealousy. All the girls saw that Yuri was a desirable person. Monika saw this so she felt she had to put in extra effort to make her not desirable to the main character. What also make this very evident is if you pick all the words for the poem that are in favor of Natsuki Monika will say “You aren’t cheating, are you?”. In the second portion of the game, after Sayori dies, Yuri becomes very possessive so it’s hard to get time with Natsuki. When making the poem it’s a lot easier to pick words that belong to Yuri or Sayori. You have to go out of your way to get Natsuki- and Monika is aware of this. I’ve seen Natsuki being dubbed as “the only normal one” while being discussed on twitter sometimes and I think the reason behind this is because Monika doesn’t find her as big a threat as Sayori or Yuri. HOWEVER, like I just said, Monika knows you have to go out of your way to favor Natsuki. So if you do spend all your time with Nasuki then she will be tampered with. She probably has the most terrifying one, with that fucking neck crack. I getting uncomfortable just thinking about it.


So yeah I’m just trying to get out some of my thoughts on this game so I can move on with my life. Fingers crossed this might actually help me.

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Oh and also,

Sayori is best girl