My Top Ten Romances of 2017

Hey uh sorry I took so long to write this list up. I was busy marathoning Avatar: The Last Airbender. This list includes shows that I, myself, watched in 2017. A lot of them did not air or come out in 2017. My goal for 2018 is to watch enough shows airing in 2018 to make a proper list.


10. Love, etc.

This was pretty good. It was really interesting and investing. I love the structure of narration, which was unique and really worked for the story. But the ending….the ending was a bit of a, uh, shock to me and it really just didn’t fit and ruined most of the enjoyment I had reading the majority of the book.


9. Annie on My Mind

Annie on My Mind is a lesbian young adult novel and it’s really just the sweetest thing. For the girls’ age, their innocence feels a bit over the top. They feel more like fourteen-year-old lesbians rather than seventeen-year-old lesbians. I’ll cut it some slack for being written in the 80’s I guess.


8. Recovery of an MMO Junkie

It’s a cute romantic comedy starring a neet. I also just love the story- it’s like a gamer version of You’ve Got Mail. Please tell me I’m not the only one who sees the comparison to You’ve Got Mail. This show got me giddy multiple times: especially with that opening.


7. Butterfly Soup

The only reason Butterfly Soup is lower on this list is that of it’s stronger focus on friendship than romance. I think there was still enough romance for Butterfly Soup to make this list, however. A very sweet and comedic visual novel revolving around a group of four girls who join a baseball club. It’s relatable and uplifting, and it almost made me cry tears of happiness.

Akagami no Shirayukihime - 01 - Large 16

6. Snow White with the Red Hair

I talked about Shirayuki before so I won’t go on too much. It’s everything you could ask for in a fantasy romance in both storytelling and looks. However, there were times I found it hard to stay engaged.


5. The Time Traveler’s Wife

This is the second romance involving time travel on this list, go figure. The Time Traveler’s Wife has to be one of the bluntest romance novels I’ve ever read. It doesn’t have pretty diction or a cute way to walk around sex scenes. And yet it’s more heartfelt than a lot of other romances. While the book generally doesn’t shy away from getting dark, it gets especially depressing halfway through.


4. Pushing Daisies

I’m sure this is a name you haven’t heard in while for those of you who have already watched it. Well, today is your lucky day, I’m bringing it back full circle. Pushing Daisies is another romance that isn’t afraid to cover dark topics such as abandonment issues and carrying emotional baggage from childhood. However, the show manages to have an overall positive and light-hearted atmosphere.


3. You’re the Worst

It’s a romantic comedy with dark humor, so it’s no surprise that I fell in love with it. I probably would’ve put it as number one if it weren’t for its underwhelming third season. Nonetheless, the two main characters are still a couple I find myself rooting to make it time again and again. I hope to write about this show later.


2. Hello, My Twenties!/ Age of Youth

I almost cried many times. I remember the first episode being really depressing. It’s an interesting Korean drama about a group of five women in in their early twenties (hence the title). You see all these girls make different decisions and live different lifestyles in close proximities and how they contrast. It’s really cute and fun when it wants to be, but also fairly sad when it has to be. And dude, that track…I looked it up; it’s called Butterfly. That track made me feel things.


  1. Your Name

Look. I know what you’re thinking: Your Name as first place?? How basic can you be? I actually didn’t love this one as much as everyone else seemed to and I didn’t really understand all the hype. Or at least this is how I felt right after watching it. After a few weeks though, I’ve developed a lot more love for it for some reason. Your Name was beautifully animated, had a good soundtrack, and the story surprised me a few times. Despite all this, I was still a bit hesitant to put Your Name as first simply because I liked 1 through 3 almost equally (minus You’re the Worst’s third season).

I’ll probably look at this list next week and want switch things around again but it’s already January the twelfth so I’ll settle for this.

svnksbvkj Butterfly Soup is Good

I can really see why so many people love this game. The main characters are very…human? Despite all of them being considerably different, I can somehow relate to all of them in one way or another. They’re capable of having diverse personalities.

  • Noelle is strict and cold, but she can be surprisingly devious at times and (we mostly see this with Diya but) she’s also a loyal friend.
  • Diya is athletic and quiet. Something I think about a lot is how if it weren’t for part of the story being told in Diya’s perspective; if she happened to just be a side character, she could’ve come across as the strong, silent, stoic character archetype. Without the perspective of Diya and her friends, I don’t think we would’ve seen her shy and sweet side.
  • Min is assertive and has anger issues, however, in scenes like the baseball game she went to with her brother and Diya as kids and also the scene at the gym with Akarsha you can see she’s good at comforting her friends.
  • Akarsha is a jokester and silly but it’s definitely hinted at that she suffers from depression. What I’m about say was never really hinted at, so this is just a guess, but I wouldn’t be surprised if she was insecure of her position in the friend group; if she felt like the fourth wheel of some sorts.

I think one of the fun parts of this game is when the characters try to comprehend how any of them manage to get along (in many ways they don’t haha; things can get pretty chaotic between all of them but usually in like the best way possible).

And I can really relate to this personally. In highschool, I was an extremely emo kid that people usually avoided talking to and my best friend was someone who wore a lot of floral print shirts and was overly friendly to everyone to compensate for her awkwardness and anxiety. We used to joke about how weird it was that we were friends, but I think the funniest part was that the longer we were friends, the more we learned about each other, and us being friends ended making a lot more sense over time.

I feel like I can’t talk about this game without getting a little personal just because of how relatable it feels. It really just…hits home I guess. That sounded really dorky but it gets my point across so I’m keeping it in.  I mean, I can relate to Diya’s shyness- when Chryssa said “quiet one are you?” and Diya thought in her head “why does everyone always say that? I’m not that quiet” I could relate SO strongly. I can relate to Min’s angry father and her frustration towards her brother for being able to follow their parent’s rules even if he doesn’t like them. I can relate to Akarsha’s fear and reluctance to take her problems seriously. I can relate to Noelle’s difficulty expressing to her friends how much she appreciates them and I also don’t know shit about sports lol.

But yeah… the game is really relatable (I think I’ve used that word WAY too many times at this point haha). In some ways, the game feels unreal; like a life fantasy. The story is so comedic and despite the struggles of the characters, the overall tone of the game is very positive and uplifting. I was on the verge of tears after finishing the game simply because I was overwhelmed by how happy the game had made me feel. It’s such a sweet story. And the intro screen is SO adorable. Every time I open the game I can’t help but smile. The music picked really helped, too. I now listen to Miltalta a lot because of this game. I am forever grateful for it introducing me to such a lovely artist.

A sequel to Butterfly Soup has been confirmed by Brianna Lei and I’m super excited about it. I personally want to see more of the relationship between Min and Jun, since Jun and the relationship between him and Min reminded me a bit of my own brother and our relationship. I’ve read through some of Brianna’s Q+A’s for Butterfly Soup on Tumblr and she has said she’ll give more time to the side characters in butterfly soup 2. I’m assuming we’ll see some of Akarsha’s family in the sequel as well, which I’m interested in seeing. I just hope Brianna doesn’t listen to fans too much while making the sequel. I know I know. I, a fan, just said I want to see more of Min and Jun. It’s just part of what made Butterfly Soup so good is that a lot of what happened felt like actual experiences. A lot of the game felt real with some comedic exaggerations and I loved it for that.

If you haven’t played this game please do. I don’t think I really spoiled that much. So please go and do it.

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Doki Doki is Not Oki Doki

I’ve been pretty open about my problem with obsessing over video games here on this blog (I originally posted this on my Tumblr). I’ve talked about Yandere Simulator, The Sims series, and many dating sim games and recently I’ve been posting quite a bit about Doki Doki Literature Club and you see, I’m having the same problem I had with the other games all over again.

The difference, however, is that Doki Doki is a popular story game- meaning there can be theories made on it. I’ve been watching so many theories on the game and and and….gosh the game has so many layers to it. One of my favorite theories was that the piano represented Monika’s presence. I’d really recommend watching it. The Game Theorists channel also made some good videos about the game as well

Something I picked up on that I haven’t seen a lot of people talk about was the ongoing contrast between Natsuki and Yuri. Besides the obvious being that Yuri likes complex and morbid language while Natsuki likes simple and cute language and that Natsuki is petite while Yuri is tall and curvy, there’s more to their contrast. On the surface, another contrast you could see is that while Yuri is careful with her words, Natsuki blurts out everything on her mind. If you spend more time with Natsuki more and more hinted at that she’s abused by her dad. It’s hinted at in the poems or when she says her dad would kill her if he knew she read manga. However, it’s not really obvious until Monika starts tampering with her dialogue so that Natsuki says my dad would beat the shit out of me he found out about this. It’s probably not something Natsuki would come forward and tell the main character himself. Yuri, on the other hand, you learn is progressively working on speaking her mind more freely. You learn she’s actually a pretty blunt person. So the better you get to know Natsuki, you realize there’s something she’s trying to hide while the better you get to know Yuri, there more you realize she has a lot she wants to say.


The video I linked in this mentions this, but something noticeable is the amount Monika tampers with the characters based on how threatened she felt by them. Something I noticed very quickly into the game was that there was a bias towards Sayori. The MC character always talked fondly of her and the dialogue between him and Sayori always felt full of heart and carried more weight than the scenes with Natsuki or Yuri. So naturally, she was the first character Monika messed with and ultimately killed. Yuri was by tampered with far more than the other two. Yuri was also the character both, Natsuki and Sayori would bring (if you were doing the poems in their favor) up out of jealousy. All the girls saw that Yuri was a desirable person. Monika saw this so she felt she had to put in extra effort to make her not desirable to the main character. What also make this very evident is if you pick all the words for the poem that are in favor of Natsuki Monika will say “You aren’t cheating, are you?”. In the second portion of the game, after Sayori dies, Yuri becomes very possessive so it’s hard to get time with Natsuki. When making the poem it’s a lot easier to pick words that belong to Yuri or Sayori. You have to go out of your way to get Natsuki- and Monika is aware of this. I’ve seen Natsuki being dubbed as “the only normal one” while being discussed on twitter sometimes and I think the reason behind this is because Monika doesn’t find her as big a threat as Sayori or Yuri. HOWEVER, like I just said, Monika knows you have to go out of your way to favor Natsuki. So if you do spend all your time with Nasuki then she will be tampered with. She probably has the most terrifying one, with that fucking neck crack. I getting uncomfortable just thinking about it.


So yeah I’m just trying to get out some of my thoughts on this game so I can move on with my life. Fingers crossed this might actually help me.

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Oh and also,

Sayori is best girl